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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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digging for survivors frantic rescue efforts are now on the way in typhoon battered philippines. this is live from doha also coming up more bombs fall on the data as the u.n. envoy arrives in yemen to find a path to peace. i was convinced if i were to be deported i wouldn't be able to come back for ten years a u.s. professor arrested in the palestinian village due to be demolished says israel's trying to deport him. president donald trump's controversial pick for the supreme court runs into more trouble.
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frantic rescue efforts are now underway in the northern philippines where more than sixty people have been killed by typhoon monkhood thirty four of them have died in two landslides triggered by heavy rains in the area of it's gone dozens are still missing villages in search teams there are looking for survivors many families took refuge in a chapel which collapsed during a landslide the typhoon weakened after it made landfall on news on the island on saturday. as more. more than two days after the typhoon struck basically the extent of the damage and damage just slowly being revealed that is because so many of these areas were cut off and also because of the extensive and then the enormity of the impact of this by going across northern luzon president that there is in the region he was also told just last night what happened in that area what you're seeing now and even information coming in trickling in we're also
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confusing we're also getting reports that there may be other series of small landslides that actually have occurred that have yet to be accessed by rescue officials the chances of actually finding survivors a slim this is even with local officials are seeing now one of the major issues really is also fertility infrastructure getting to these areas bringing all the machinery sneed that to dig as you can see in the pictures manual digging has to be done simply because all of these machines these tractors cannot get through these. so yes there is that challenge there's also the immediate challenge also of people who are going hungry those who have been evacuated those so gloucester homes and their livelihood all of these being compounded and it's putting pressure on the government to act swiftly. and at least two people are dead and hundreds of thousands of homes have been evacuated as market makes its way through southern china two million people have been displaced and about fifty thousand fishing boats
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have been recalled to port forecasters are warning of widespread flooding the typhoon has brought with it winds of up to two hundred kilometers an hour and torrential rain well the strongest storm of the year also lashed hong kong bringing the port city to a standstill hong kong was put on the highest storm alert for only the fourth time in twenty years reports. the eye of the typhoon hurtle towards hong kong with winds of up to two hundred kilometers an hour roofs were blown off and windows in some high rise buildings were blown out trees were sent flying this crime was ripped from the building and collapsed this is amazing never seen the like this. nobody walking around roads were closed and businesses locked up hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes in low lying areas nine hundred flights were canceled interrupting travel plans for thousands of passengers most people down and
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. some of. the city was paralyzed and forced into the worst storm in hong kong for more than a decade. trying to stir. things but this one has caught many by surprise straight . across the harbor in an aries in the hearts of. these waterfront hotels were flooded as wives pounded the coastline the only movement on the harbor was this ship adrift all schools will be closed on monday. directly in its path. al-jazeera hong kong. fighting in yemen is her data province is intensifying as the u.n. envoy steps up efforts to revive talks to end the three year old civil war who the rebels say the saudi and erotic coalition has carried out more than thirty five airstrikes in the past twenty four hours they're targeting a main highway out of the port city which is the key supply route to the rebel held
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company. government troops backed by the coalition of retaken a number of towns across the data province but have not yet breached the city well andrew symonds has been following the story from nearby djibouti a warning you may find some of the images in this report disturbing. it's an airstrike by the saudi u.s. led coalition. whatever the target may have been this is the result civilians searching for missing children it isn't a rescue they find one child. i don't know where i am and. what's his guilt why is he being killed says one of the men who really are rescued the child's mother the father wasn't in his home when the bomb the girl's name is mood cedar she's carried away by one of the helpers he knows it doesn't end here.
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the searching continues and some moods brother no appeal is recovered and i heard all of this what everyone had dreaded two dead children. who are very proud of us are these are civilians their little kids are the only words this man can manage it happened on saturday in modern inside a province which shares a border with saudi arabia these people are internally displaced having fled the fighting. yemen's turmoil is a lethal mix of the tactics of warfare the tactics of diplomacy from negotiations that could be a touch with that and a humanitarian crisis the fighting isn't just on the battlefield the suffering goes right across yemen but it's getting worse. in the stillness of a remote village in provence there eating the leaves of trees to survive they're cooked and mashed into
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a paste. i personally i don't you believe this is my salary has been cut it's a main meal for my children even though this cause in each unit in drowsiness what can we do. now. we cook tree leaves we have no nutrition we will die here we have no one but god this is the nearest medical center to the village where they had to resort to eating leaves my nutrition could end up being the biggest killer in this conflict anyone trying to bring peace to yemen may not need reminding of what's at stake nevertheless those without a voice of influence crying out for help now more than ever before andrew simmons al-jazeera djibouti. the united states has ordered the palestinian mission in washington to close staff bank accounts and clear their offices the trumpet ministration had announced the closure of the palestinian liberation organization
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office in the us capital last week palestinian leaders are calling it a declaration of war on peace efforts but p.l.o. executive committee member had a national ari has condemned the latest move saying the u.s. has taken its attempts to pressure and blackmail the palestinians to a new level u.s. ministrations gone from cruel punishment to revenge against the palestinians and their leadership well moon rabbani is a senior fellow at the institute for palestine studies he says the trumpet ministration has shown that it cannot bring about a peace deal. i think the trap administration is dealing with the past sitting as if they're tenants and one of their slogan all the things you know you do what we say or or will let the rascals rot that will that and that seems to be what we're seeing here i mean these people genuinely seem to believe that by exercising a share of their treasure and undertaking more petty measures against our
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citizens or the american presentation family members and so on that one day they're going to wake up and the palestinians will have capitulated fully to the israelis on every item out of substance i think it just shows the fear a lot of experience of these people and how seriously out of their depths are the trumps local or p.c. it's a u.s. professor detained during protests in a palestinian village slated for demolition says israel's now trying to deport him front ramana was detained on friday after he and others tried to block bulldozers sent to the village of hama lemon he was made to freed ramana told out his era the police didn't follow the due process and trying to deport him. this morning they they got me up out of prison and said i was going to court and the police instead of taking me to court took me to immigration. and the immigration
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officer said that the decision was already rendered in other words there's nothing i can do i said well i have a right to represent myself and have my lawyer said it's already decided and i'm going to decide to deport you sign here i did not sign fortunately so what the what the police were trying to do to get me out of the country immediately and were not giving me my rights or a judge hearing and the judge was upset this became an advantage because it wasn't clear that i'm going to be released when when the judge found out the judge was very upset she called the immigration and says you get him over here under a court order now the police lied to the judge and the judge asked where i was that the police said i had been released that was another lie and then that was turned in favor of the of the decision by the judge to release me i was convinced if i were to be deported i wouldn't be able to come back for ten years and i would not
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seek out on my anymore or any of the people and not not biased indians i will still work with palestinians if i go to log on that want to have none but i was very upset over that fact so you know here i am not illegally here but the police told me i can't come here and that's they'd make the decision they have no right to make these decisions that they do these things i don't trust them and here i am south korea has outlined the agenda for a three day summit to be held between moon j. and then kim jong un from tuesday denuclearization will be a key issue at the third meeting between the two leaders moon and cameron also discuss ways to ease monitor tensions and sustain improved relations bright has more from seoul. there is growing anticipation on both sides of the border and head of this third summit it will be a packed itinerary spread over three days the most important element of which of
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course will be the one on one meetings between moon j. and of south korea and kim jong un there will also be more detailed meetings between their various delegation members as well as official banquets what they will be talking about is trying to improve further into korean relations building on the dialogue that they began way back in the panmunjom declaration in april of this year also finding ways of easing tensions on the korean peninsula possibly one of the most important tasks on the south korean government except it will be one of the most difficult tasks and that is trying to restart the stalled negotiations between north korea and the united states over giving up its nuclear arsenal time for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back the worst is yet to come residence in the u.s. state of north carolina i want about the flooding threat posed by tropical storm florence plus. they call themselves the gypsies of camping on they've lived in this
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neighborhood for centuries and now they say local authorities want to throw them out on the fashion but now reporting from southern france. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snow fall on a winter's day. had other shows in turkey fading away the shadows in afghanistan are fading away both disappointments i think and elsewhere you don't see a cloud in the skies too pretty hot throughout iran and especially down the plains of iraq back towards the east and south of the mediterranean these temps haven't really changed much it seems for a couple of months so we will see a dramatic change at some point in the next two or three weeks just not yet still has not to be forty five forty seven in q eight is not much of a driving breeze so we've seen the committee's come up and qatar bahrain the u.a.e.
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the stench is dropping below forty hindis is still quite humid here now how life is still blowing dance a lot of us the onshore breeze full of humidity a lot of moisture there for drizzle day and night and overcast conditions that have really really for this part of the world dropping south so we have seen a change in the weather type it was in angola no longer is and then more showers here in fact the cloud either around the cape it's pushing hard charged use a rain we won't get much out of it so it's basically a dryish picture we've seen the rain come in still though we had some pretty big showers in tropical africa over nigeria but more especially ghana and to the west. the weather sponsored by cats. and instantly shifting news cycle b.b.c. in changing america tweet the listening post takes questions the wilds need will be double will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language and
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their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what. they're listening post on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here this hour rescue efforts are now underway in the northern philippines where more than sixty people have been killed by typhoon monk thirty four them have died in two landslides triggered by heavy rains in the area it's alone dozens are still missing. fighting in yemen so data provinces intensified who the rebels say there's been more than thirty five
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airstrikes by the saudi erotic coalition in the past twenty four hours on saturday several children were reportedly killed in bombing by the coalition at their homes . or u.s. professor detained during protests of a palestinian village slated for demolition says israel's now trying to deport him from ramallah was detained on friday after he and others tried to block bulldozers sent to the village of homs. now in the united states storm florence has been downgraded to a tropical depression but it continues to ravage the states of north and south carolina the governor of north carolina says france is now in its most dangerous stage it's dumping record levels of rain and major flooding is forecast over a dozen. people have died as christensen in the reports from fayetteville north carolina clock florence may no longer be a hurricane or even a tropical storm but her rains keep falling and the waters keep rising all across north and south carolina and despite days of warnings flash flooding continues to
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catch many off guard as the storm slowly inches inland i was waist deep inside the house and then once we got off the part it was up to our right more than nine hundred people have been rescued from homes and vehicles so far and according to the governor of north carolina the worst has yet to come some fifteen thousand people have moved into government shelters who were able to go fly over fayetteville in your car to see that raging gave you a record you were driving the vulnerable need to be there all sitting there for. travel has become increasingly treacherous as rivers overflow their banks and flood major roadways at least five of the people whose deaths have been attributed to florence were killed in their vehicles residents are being warned not to become complacent with help and for the best but prepare for the worst and we and we sit in a strong message to people if you decide to stay and not by about
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a mandatory evacuation what about three pm today will not be available to you and so we encourage you to do things like notify legal next of kin and let people know what your choices are. new mandatory evacuation orders went into effect in fayetteville for those who live within a mile of the cape fear in little rivers come back time with area experience meter lighting with two years ago they quite clearly reversed while the bank and the water rose so high it came all the way to this building here flooding the basement meteorologists are predicting that this time the flooding will be even worse. volunteers who lived through the last storm are standing by to help emergency officials we've got characters over and we've got a volunteer thing as i went out we got schools over and over filters that while we're if you go if you can't get out. of we got a guy that are willing to take their boat put our lives on the line to make sure our people get through say. waiting and watching
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a slow motion natural disaster whose full impact may still not be felt for days kristen salumi al-jazeera fayetteville north carolina new concerns have imagine about u.s. president donald trump's pick for the supreme court but covena has been a contentious choice because of his conservative position on many issues but now allegations of pos such an assault have been raised have raised questions about whether he should be approved. if brett kavanaugh is confirmed he will change the highest court for a generation he will cement it as solidly conservative it's a high stakes nomination that has been controversial from the beginning with republicans refusing to hand over hundreds of thousands of documents from his long legal career this nomination is going to be tainted it will be stain. by a badly broken process that has shattered the norms despite that in just days it was expected he would get past the first vote and be on his way to final
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confirmation until this the washington post has a story about what one woman alleges kavanah did to her in high school christine bleakley ford going public the post writes well his friend watched she said cavanagh pinned her to a bed on her back and groped her over her clothes grinding his body against hers and clumsily attempting to pull off her one piece bathing suit and the clothing she were over it when she tried to scream she said he put his hand over her mouth i thought he might inadvertently kill me said ford she managed to escape and she even passed a lie detector test about the incident which kevin has denied so far frankly your answer has been ambiguous there are calls to bring him back before the senate the last time that happened it was clarence thomas absolutely not senator nominated to the court when anita hill came forward and accused him of sexual harassment he was
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confirmed anyway many women were angry in the u.s. after the thomas confirmation it's all record number of women run for office since then we've seen the election of u.s. president donald trump the woman's marks the me too movement again another record breaking number of women running for office now the cavanagh confirmation really just stoke the anger that's already out there the politicians are well aware of that with less than two months to go till congressional elections now the republicans who control the senate have just days to decide if they should ignore the allegations and risk a backlash or call for new hearings potentially risking their nominee patty culhane al-jazeera washington. the former vice president of the democratic republic of congo will be reset by the international criminal court later on monday for bribing witnesses during his war crimes trial chumpy had been but was also found guilty of coaching key witnesses and twenty sixteen appeals judges ruled that the original one is sentence was too low. more than half the population of south sudan is
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relying on food aid to survive after years of civil war many have been forced to leave their homes and farms but the signing of a new peace deal between rival factions has brought some hope to those in need even moving reports. this is a regular scene as a hospital in south sudan's capital juba children suffering from severe malnutrition come to this world every day to be treated one of them is agnes a russia's baby girl. she's been sick since she was six months old i try to feed her but they will i find food you have to buy food here you can't farm if his money i buy food to feed my kids if not we go to bed hungry agnes's daughter is just one of the hundreds of thousands of children unicef says are suffering from severe malnutrition here five years of civil war has left seven million south sudanese relying on relief supplies tens of thousands have been killed since president salva
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kiir accused his then vice president riek machar of attempting a coup the weren't economy makes daily meals and affordable to many including millions of children says the outbreak of war in haiti that we have never seen this number before in twenty eight dealing with the middle two hundred seventy thousand children suffering from c.b.s. kidman official this is a huge number and if we don't respond quickly we will lose all these children but aid groups have complained repeatedly to the government about being blocked from reaching those in need by the worrying sides. the latest peace deal has been signed to end the fighting and pledges made to allow humanitarian access. would listen to signing say much needs to be done to ensure that happen safely with the signing up to revitalize the agreement we should publicly acknowledge it is but once they are on the road to peace but one which lies the plantation for all their followers.
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agnes hopes that the peace deal works so she doesn't lose her child to hunger a hope shared by many mothers whose children are starving he will morgan al-jazeera . joke not a joke is executive director of the sudan institute he says it's a dire situation for those most vulnerable what we are seeing now is what has been experienced over the last five years of intense conflict and multiplicity of one party making it very difficult for a like number of people to maintain the normal way of life whether they are present farmers or cattle keepers and the result of this is that cities like google have now been receiving like number of children and women who are desperate for food and you see it you see i saw all over the town of baquba children begging on the streets. clinics and hospitals full of kids who are minority and cannot afford food
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and cannot afford medicine it is a dire situation for an entire. population of children but also for all they are particularly women and pregnant women to be more specific what has been the main reason why people are so desperate for food and so they were the signing of this is the limit on the trust of september there is a renewed hope in the air all across as are done and people are tired and sick of war so this hope this renewed calls use optimism. is definitely what a lot of acid and these are. will be implemented to be able to get these people back to their normal way of life it is not a case where people have absolutely nothing it is a case of people not being able to exercise the normal economic activities for survival and they will be able to go back to that as soon as the peace agreement is
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implemented. if the opiah and eritrea have signed a peace agreement in saudi arabia the decades of fighting for details were not clear the un says it's meant to improve trade relations between the two countries ethiopia and eritrea fought a two year war in one thousand nine hundred eight over a border dispute ties only normalized in july this year when the two signed a declaration of peace at least sixty migrants were rescued off the coast of spain on saturday. a spanish maritime rescue ship spotted an overloaded raft with people waving and screaming for help officials say everyone on board the raft was rescued spain's become the latest point of entry for migrants trying to make their way to europe. the leader of france's far right national party has called on all nationalist parties to unite ahead of next year's elections for the european parliament marine le pen told supporters she would campaign alongside allies to defeat what she called the liberal establishment recent polls show
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parties getting support of a president in money or party. thank you for your good your place you don't serious you those who believe that the twenty seven thousand presidential election was enough to spark an uprising that the presidential election stopped time and with it france's degradation all of this should be obvious emanuel problem does not symbolize the start of a cycle but rather the end of a cycle. a gypsy community in southern france says its historic neighborhood is being threatened with demolition sarkies one of the poorest neighborhoods in france and local officials say it's a need of renewal the touch of butler has more than a city of pep in your. the sound check neighborhood is a maze of narrow streets and colorful buildings for more than one hundred fifty years it's been home to a unique catalan speaking people who call themselves the gypsies of pappy but now they say the city council is demolishing the area and trying to push them out the brutal rip why destroy our history this is our neighborhood we've always lived here
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together it's a beautiful district so why not make it like grenada seville some where the tourists could come and not be scared of us instead no one helps it's dismissed as a ghetto. in the past three years local authorities have demolished more than fifty houses part of a hundred million dollar urban renewal plan they say many of the buildings are unsafe but people here disagree is that the middle i've lived in this house all my life i was born in it and they want to destroy i'm scared because if this room in the street i wouldn't know what to do. campbell is part of a group of residents who say the neighborhood needs to be regenerated not demolish he says the councils ignored the area for years providing few services or petunias for people rubbish israeli collected there are no play areas for children three quarters of people are unemployed. what we want is to work with the council we want better homes and to stay in the neighborhood
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a contractor back to whole community wants. some residents say city officials haven't consulted them about the plans but the deputy mayor says they've been dozens of meetings on the project. and there's never been a desire to gentrify the area chased out the poor population those who want to stay can and we will help those who want to move out we're not getting wise and they're building homes that are clean and safe people here safe not only about breaking it's also about breaking up our community tearing apart generations of family and friends. this woman says local officials are asked her to leave her house she thought she'd be gone a few days when she returned the home she'd lived in for forty years was gone and she's not been offered another. they demolish my whole house with all my furniture everything i thought i was only leaving a few days so i left all i have inside most here agree that santa jack and his
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people are in need of attention it's one of the poorest neighborhoods in france but what they want is to hold on to their rich past and have a say in their future natasha al-jazeera. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera a rescue efforts are underway in the northern philippines where more than sixty people have been killed by typhoon monk what thirty four of them have died in two landslides triggered by heavy rains in the area it's on dozens are still missing at least two people are dead and hundreds of thousands of homes have been evacuated as man could make his way through southern china two million people have been displaced and about fifty thousand fishing boats have been recalled to port forecasters are warning of widespread flooding the typhoon has brought with it winds of up to two hundred kilometers an hour and torrential rains. fighting in
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yemen's or data city has intensified through the rebels say they have been more than thirty five airstrikes by the saudi and erotic coalition in the past twenty four hours they've been targeting a main highway out of the port city which is the key supply route to the rebel held capital of sana'a on saturday several children were reportedly killed and bombing by the coalition if their homes. the united states as all of the palestinian mission in washington to close staff bank accounts and clear their offices the trumpet ministration that announced the closure of the palestine liberation organization office in the u.s. capital last week palestinian leaders are calling it a declaration of war on peace efforts. a u.s. professor detained during protests at a palestinian village slated for demolition says israel is now trying to deport him front ramana was detained on friday after he and others tried to block bulldozers sent to the village of. south korea as outlined the agenda
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for a three day summit to be held between moon j. in them and kim jong il from tuesday denuclearization will be a key issue at the third meeting between the two leaders moon and kim but also discuss ways to ease military tensions and sustain improved relations u.s. president donald trump's nominee for the supreme court brett kavanaugh is now facing allegations of sexual assault a woman told the washington post she was assaulted by him when she was in high school some members of the senate judiciary committee that are supposed to vote on a cabinet appointment on thursday are now calling for a delay. but those were the headlines he was continues here on al-jazeera after listening post. overthrow and exiled they appoint. say if you all this. an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know.
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and we know he is the. change case return of the president on al-jazeera. this has truly been a manic monday on wall street nerves that make cleaning job yet more terror carrying out their careers and auctions by hours to. africa because we have lost. you know cork shakes your trust in america. hello i'm barbara sarah and you're the listening post here are some of the stories we're covering this week the financial press didn't quite see the crash coming ten years ago are they better equipped to alert us to imminent economic disasters now another powerful media man is taken down by the me too movement on the trail of fake online accounts and bolts pushing agenda an.


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